Our dentist in Caernarfon can make your smile whiter

A lot of adults feel self-conscious because they are unhappy with the colour of their teeth. Staining and discolouration is extremely common, but at Caernarfon Dental Practice we have a range of treatments that can not only help with whitening your teeth, but with disguising chips and replacing metallic fillings too. Having a whiter, more even smile can prevent you from looking older than you really are. Discolouration can occur naturally as you age, but it can be made worse by things such as drinking tea or alcohol frequently, smoking and even eating certain foods. If you are not happy with the shade of your smile but are not sure about which treatments could benefit you the most, booking a consultation appointment with our dentist in Caernarfon will allow you to discuss your worries and they will be able to recommend which treatment is most suited to you.

No more metallic fillings

A lot of adults have had metallic fillings and now feel as if their smile is blemished. Metallic fillings can stand out dramatically in some cases, but our dentist in Caernarfon can help to make your smile whiter by removing your metallic fillings and replacing them with white ones. These fillings are made to match the shade of your original teeth, so will blend in considerably better than metallic ones. They are made of porcelain or resin composite so will feel like a normal tooth too and are unlikely to be noticed by people who do not know that you have undergone treatment. You do not need to have already had fillings to have this treatment, if you are having your first filling or need to get a new filling then you can choose to have a white filling right away too.

Straightforward stain removal

If you are amongst the people who are insecure about stains that are present on their teeth, or the shade of their teeth in general, then we recommend that you speak to our dentist in Caernarfon about teeth whitening. This treatment is suitable for a majority of adults, and you will be able to discuss how many shades brighter you wish your teeth to be with your practitioner. Whilst individual results vary you can expect to see a massive reduction in the appearance of the stains that you originally had and an overall brighter appearance. Unfortunately this treatment will not work on crowns or dental implants, but having a consultation appointment will allow you to discuss your options if you are in this situation.

Chips, cracks and discolouration resolved with one simple treatment

Over time teeth can get worn and damaged. Accidents can occur and chips in teeth are often a result of these accidents. Having a chipped tooth can cause more than just insecurities, it can cause discomfort and make eating extremely awkward too. We believe that having an even set of teeth can keep your smile looking youthful, and having a set of porcelain veneers fitted is a guaranteed way to achieve an even smile that is free from chips, stains and imperfections.